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Alex Greenwich takes legal action against Mark Latham

The tweet was also condemned by Pauline Hanson

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich has lodged a complaint with NSW (New South Wales) Police and the state’s anti-discrimination board over a homophobic tweet by One Nation leader, Mark Latham, published in March.

Latham posted the graphic tweet that appeared to target Mr Greenwich and the LGBT community before deleting the tweet sometime after.

In a released statement Greenwich condemned the tweet, labelling it as homophobic and abusive.

“Enough is enough,” Greenwich told the Guardian.

“I’ve been openly gay in public life for 15 years and in parliament for over 10 years, and never have I experienced such a homophobic, sexualised attack that exposed me to contempt, ridicule and extreme abuse, based on my sexuality.”

Greenwich and his legal team will also approach Twitter “with respect to its provision of a platform that freely allows extreme homophobia, transphobia, racism and religious bigotry”.

Latham responded to Greenwich and others who condemned his tweet in a statement to the Saturday Telegraph.

“Sometimes in public life when you throw out insults they come back at you harder and truer, So boo-hoo Alex Greenwich,” he said.

He also claimed he removed the tweet as it was not acceptable for children to read and has indicated he will not back down from his views.

One Nation founder Pauline Hanson said she and her party associates did not condone the tweet made by Latham and has asked him to apologise publicly.

“I think [the comments] are disgusting,” she said on a Facebook video.

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