Australia Decides 2013: Episode Two

15 August 2013

Written by: Erdem Koc

This week’s guests are the head of La Trobe University’s politics department Professor Nick Bisley and Emeritus Professor Judith Brett.

Issues covered in the podcast are:

  • Will Tony Abbott’s gaffes make a difference either way?
  • Who won or lost the debate? Rudd, Abbott, or the Australian viewers?
  • Are the fake absentee electorate notices in the mail a bit deceptive?
  • What are the odds that Adam Bandt can win the Melbourne seat?
  • How patiently is Malcolm Turnbull waiting in the wings?

You can listen to the podcast here.

The next Australia Decides podcast will be recorded on 22nd August in the CTLC studios (Education 2, Level 1) at 12pm. All are welcome! Joining Matt Smith and Nick Bisley will be Fairfax journalist Dan Flitton. You can subscribe to this podcast series here on iTunes U.

You can follow Nick Bisley and Matt Smith on Twitter. Many thanks to Nicole Humphreys for announcing duties, and some behind the scenes production from CTLC’s man behind the curtain Simon Knight.