Crave life is on the hunt for witty writers

1 May 2013

Written by: is looking for brilliant young writers to join their team with witty, humorous and fresh perspectives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wannabe-journo who wants to get your name out there, or a blogger who wants to boost your own personal website – if you share our passion you are welcome at Crave Life.

So what is Crave Life?

Crave Life is a leading online magazine that aims to inspire people to live a better life every day. By posting fun and interesting articles we want to motivate our readers to stay happy, healthy, informed and most importantly Crave Life!

Why write for Crave Life?

1. Inspire people to better themselves: by joining Crave Life you will motivate the masses to fight the flab, believe in themselves, be courageous, be adventurous, and to swap a Krispy Kreme for some Fro-Yo.

2. Get published: by writing for Crave Life thousands of people will get to read your masterpieces.

3. Build a body of work: add to your portfolio and show everyone your talent.

4. Promote your business or website: If you have a business website or blog then advertise it for free in your profile. If you become a popular writer this can be a great source of new customers and readers.

5. Most importantly it’s FUN: the editorial team are a friendly bunch here to help.

You can write articles around various topics including fitness, nutrition, sex and relationships, inspirational stories/people and product reviews

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