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CS:GO Roll has breached gambling laws

The company offered prohibited interactive gambling.

Online gaming company Feral Holdings Limited has been found to be in breach of Australian gambling laws.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has withdrawn the company’s CS:GO Roll game, stating that the website was found to have an interactive gambling service. The ACMA found that the game offered casino-style online games.

“Skins” from the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were able to be exchanged for in-game coins, which could then be used in gambling games. From there, users were able to convert the in-game coins into real money via a third-party platform.

Under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, if games are played for money or anything else of value, then the act is illegal.

ACMA President Nerida O’Loughlin explained that gaming skins fall under this category.

“Providing casino-style games online is prohibited in Australia when playing for money or something of value, whether that’s Australian dollars, cryptocurrency or in this case, online gaming skins,” she said.

She added that the in-game skin betting service could attract more young Australians to start gambling behaviour.

“Skins gambling services are particularly concerning as they tap into a youth market and have the potential to convert gamers into gamblers,” she said.

Feral Holdings has been issued with a formal warning.


Photo: A Team Playing Computer Games available HERE and used under a Creative Commons License. This photo has not been modified.

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