Emerging journalists blogroll

18 May 2015

Written by: Steinar Ellingsen

What’s new in the rapidly evolving world of chatrooms? What’s it like to be a vegan when you’ve grown up on a farm producing beef? And where can you find the best handcrafted cricket bats?

These are just some of the themes explored by first year journalism students at La Trobe University in the blogs that they have created for an assignment for the subject The Emerging Journalist.

This is the third year running that we’ve asked our commencing students to set up a blog on a topic that they feel passionate about.

Yes, we know: the act of blogging is not it and of itself synonymous with journalism, but it’s clear that setting up and maintaining a blog can kickstart a journalism career, as final year sport journalism student Jake “Cobba” Stevens discovered through his infographic site, Cobba’s Infographic and Media Solutions. Jake’s clients now include Crikey and The Footy Almanac.

So a big welcome to this year’s blogging bunch. If you’re new to blogging yourself, check out their efforts, follow the ones that you like by signing up for email updates, and join the conversation about them and share their posts on Twitter by using the #TEJ2015 hashtag

Lawrie Zion

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