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Explainer: ‘Free Palestine’ student encampments

Reporter Awab Elbashir documented the La Trobe student encampments for the 'Free Palestine' movement, hosted at the Bundoora campus, and the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Students marched through LTU’s Bundoora campus on Tuesday 7 May in protest of LTU’s alleged ties to the Palestine-Israel conflict in Gaza. The students camped in the Agora from that day to Friday 17 May. In an email sent out to all students and staff, the disbandment of the protesters was “in the interests of the ongoing health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors to the campus”, according to Vice Chancellor Theo Farrell.

The Ag reporter Awab Elbashir investigated what the students were protesting about and how the encampment demonstrates solidarity with other universities worldwide.

He spoke to senior lecturer of politics and international relations, Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi, about where the conflict arose from and why it exists today.  Elbashir also spoke to co-organiser of the LTU encampment Xavier Dupe.


Producer, Camera, Editor, Reporter: Awab Elbashir

Camera: Kim Vy Ngo

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