‘Tom wants a job’ update: It’s over – Tom offered a job at Crikey

10 June 2010

Written by: Tom Cowie

It’s over.

Tom has been offered a job and he has accepted it.

Crikey editor Sophie Black and deputy editor Jason Whittaker called Tom this morning to offer him a full-time job as a junior reporter, just days after being told that he was not being hired as website editor.

Sophie and Jason sounded genuinely pleased to be able to put Tom out of my misery, saying that he would now be able to rest easy. As Sophie put it, Tom could go away and “have a good cry”.

The offer came as a little bit of a surprise. When Sophie called last Friday, she told Tom that they were looking at trying to get him in as a reporter but due to the budget situation they “couldn’t promise anything”.

In the meantime, Sophie was able to offer Tom a short-term job during this year’s election, however it would only be for the duration of the campaign.

Well this morning they went one better. Tom is officially employed.

Click through to Tom’s blog to find out all the details.

Just in case you came in late:

Some journalism students will do just about anything to get employed.

Tom Cowie, former editor of upstart, has taken the idea to the next level with his new blog Tom wants a job. The blog, which was conceived by Tom in the wake of his internship at Crikey, will detail the ins and outs of his hunt for a job in journalism.

The blog will act as a diary, attempting to document life after uni for Tom as he goes through the processes of searching for an elusive job in print, radio, television and online journalism. Tom wants a job will also act as an experiment, investigating the possibilities of building a personal brand through blogs, social media and the digital grapevine.

The applications, the interviews, the knock backs. Tom’s life will be laid bare in what he calls a “part online documentary, part shameless self-promotion”. Be sure to check in regularly to see how he is progressing down the rocky road to gainful employment.

Tom’s blog is called Tom wants a job. You can also follow Tom’s journey on Twitter and Facebook, and hear him talk about his quest on the episode five of upcast.