A new editor, a new beginning… well just a beginning, really.

21 July 2009

Written by: Lawrie Zion

A severe case of Mondayitis was looming over me this week as my new gig as editor of upstart slowly approached.   I must say though, that I was met with welcoming arms from the editorial staff – a gratifying way to start any new jobs these days.

Lawrie Zion, Christopher Scanlon (the masterminds behind upstart) and I were interviewed by the editor of the La Trobe University newsletter today, where I was asked about my ‘grand plan’ as I take on the role of upstart‘s editor for the next four months.   To which my answer was:  watch this space.

As emerging journalists, we keep hearing how it is one of the most interesting times to be entering journalism, due to the “changing media landscape”.   That phrase in itself has become something of a cliche, really.   But I do think that upstart has serious potential to become entirely what it sets out to be – the magazine for emerging Australian journalists.

So watch this space.

It’s great to be on board.

Erdem Koc