Hepatitis Australia offering $10,000 for student videos

23 April 2013

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Hepatitis Australia and Janssen Australia are calling on students to make a 30-60 second video with the winner receiving a $10,000 cash prize.

While it may seem like an unusual topic, See The Real Thing is a short video competition that aims to help de-stigmatise hepatitis C.  It encourages people who are concerned about the infection or require information about treatment options to see their doctor.

More than 226 thousand Australians are now living with hepatitis C. Transmitted through blood-to-blood contact, an estimated 80 per cent of cases have been contracted through unsafe injecting drug use. Hepatitis C can also be contracted through unsafe tattooing and body piercing practices.

To enter the community awareness campaign and join the fight against hepatitis C, all students need to do is produce a 30-60 second video using aspects and lyrics of campaign ambassador Russell Morris’s 1969 international hit song ‘The Real Thing’ (which can be downloaded from the competition website www.seetherealthing.com.au).

The 30-60 second video must be submitted by an individual and needs to communicate the importance of:

• Seeing the ‘real’ person; not the hepatitis C infection

• Seeing a future free from hepatitis C

• Seeing a doctor about treatment options

The competition is now open for entries and the closing date is 31 May 2013. Following an online public vote the winner will be featured on the campaign website and awarded a $10,000 cash prize.

For terms and conditions visit: www.seetherealthing.com.au

Please note, no changes are to be made to the actual lyrics of ‘The Real Thing’. Examples of options: 1. You could use the song (melody and/or lyrics) as background music and use your own spoken words / phrases or graphics over the top of the music; or 2. You could use some of the lyrics in your video i.e. as spoken word / graphics (no changes are to be made to the actual lyrics of the song, including the addition of new words to the original lyrics).