Malcolm Turnbull wins Liberal leadership vote

21 August 2018

Written by: Alexandra Brooks

Peter Dutton resigns as home fairs minister following liberal leadership vote

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has won the leadership spill, beating Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton 48 to 35.

The spill between Turnbull and Dutton took place this morning, when Turnbull declared the Liberal leadership position vacant at 9am.

Following the ballot loss, Peter Dutton resigned as Home Affairs Minister, joining the backbench.

ABC Political Editor Andrew Probyn  said on ABC News that the ballot result wasn’t positive for Turnbull.

“48 to 35 is horrific. Dreadful result for Malcolm Turnbull,” he said.

“He’s now in territory of mortally wounded.”

Insiders host and political reporter Barry Cassidy said, “History tells us when it’s that close then its all over very quickly. Especially with ministers shifting”.

In 2010, Julia Gillard won her first challenge defeating then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd 71 to 31 (69.6 percent). She was defeated in the second challenge and Labor subsequently lost the 2016 election.

Bob Hawke won his first ballot 66 to 44 (60.0 percent) and was defeated in the second ballot.

Malcolm Turnbull has lost the support of almost half of his party. This is not counting the Nationals who are already openly challenging his decisions.

Upstart reported last week that Nationals senator Steve Martin would cross the floor to vote against the Liberals proposed Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment Bill 2018.

Julie Bishop re-nominated for the deputy leadership position, which she retained without being contested.