Media company’s traineeship for captioners

1 June 2018

Written by: Jason Irvine

Ai-Media are looking to fulfil a live captioning role for top media organsisations.

Using advanced technology, Ai-Media are hoping to train people who are interested in the art of live captioning.

Ai-Media are known for their live captioning for top media organisations such as Nine Network, Foxtel, BBC and recently, Facebook Live videos.

Through a six-week training program, Ai-Media welcomes beginners to the field who will learn about live captioning for broadcasts. The company intends on giving graduating trainees a contract once the program ends.

The program, being run through their Broadcast Captioning Academy commences in mid-June and requires good availability; five days across six weeks of the training program.

In the Academy, trainees will learn the processes of live captions for broadcasting, delivering content to university as well as other workplaces that distribute television and film content that require captioning.

While there is an intention of the Academy being formed for new-comers into the industry, Ai-Media suggest candidates have a sound knowledge of technology and computer programs, excellent English communication skills (both written and verbal) and the ability to work under pressure.

For a bigger look at Ai-Media and what they do, have a look at their website. For a full description of the job, follow this link.