Network Ten position: Social Media Producer

20 August 2014

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Applicants will be placed into a position of managing social media show accounts for various television programs, and creating live online engagements like Facebook Q and A’s, Google Hangouts, and online competitions.

Before applying applicants require an ample knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine.

If social media is your thing then this is a perfect opportunity that will boost you into an industry surrounded by high profile talent. This position is suited to those who prefer the vibrant networking side of journalism.

More details and the link to apply here.

In order to submit an application form be aware that you have to register and sign in.

To submit your application you’ll need to send a cover letter along with an impressionable social media campaign or engagement you have seen by a company, and one of your favourite examples of social media being integrated with television.