Sports journalist opportunity

3 July 2012

Written by: Emil Jeyaratnam

The Wimmera Mail-Times is looking for a sports journalist to join its editorial team full-time.

The position offers an opportunity to start a journalism career with one of Australia’s biggest tri-weekly newspapers and offers career paths within a large organisation such as Fairfax Media.

Applicants should have excellent English skills, an ability to work in a team environment and an understanding of what a country newspaper requires of its staff. Any subbing experience will also be an advantage.

The position is based in Horsham, the largest city in the Wimmera – a region built on agriculture and strong community spirit.

Detailed description of the opportunity can be found here. And you can read about the experiences of a current sports journalist at the Wimmera Mail-Times here.

Applications close at last mail on Friday, July 13, 2012.

Applicants should state why they have a passion for journalism and how they will make a difference to the newsroom.

Application letter and resume should be forwarded to:

Georgia Bailey, Editor,

Wimmera Mail-Times PO Box 519, Horsham, Victoria, 3402

Ph (03) 5362 0000