State government launch domestic violence prevention agency

29 March 2018

Written by: Shannon Jenkins

The agency will address a major cause of family violence: gender inequality.

Victoria has launched a new family violence prevention organisation, Respect Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews and the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins launched the organisation alongside a campaign to tackle domestic violence.

Andrews says gender inequality is a major cause of family violence.

Respect Victoria will work to change the cultural attitudes that lead to family violence and violence against women.

The launch comes two years after the Royal Commission into Family Violence gave its recommendations.

Hutchins said the campaign and organisation are essential to stopping violence.

 “We know prevention is the only way to reduce the prevalence of family violence and the harm it causes.”

Respect Victoria has received $12 million in government funding and will continue to receive funding to ensure long term prevention.

Premier Andrews said Respect Victoria will engage in community-wide campaigns to change the attitudes and culture that allows family violence to occur.

“This agency will go a long way towards ending family violence and will also act as an important reminder to keep working every single day to keep women and children safe.”

The launch comes days after the federal government announced legislation to ensure workers covered by the Fair Work Act have access to five days’ unpaid family and domestic violence leave per year.

The Fair Work Commission will revisit the issue of family and domestic leave in June 2021 to discuss whether paid family and domestic violence leave should be provided.