Student social media marketing opportunity

15 August 2018

Written by: Natasha Pietrobuono

Public Relations and Social Media Marketing internship.

The OPR Group is currently seeking students who are interested in furthering and progressing their experience in either Social Media, Public Relations or Communications.

If you are finding it difficult to find an internship in the media and communications department, applying for this job will give you a good chance to work with some of the best brains in the industry.

Although the internship is offered in Sydney and Canberra, the Melbourne job is based in Barangaroo, AU.

OPR’s Melbourne specialist agency includes:

  • Deep specialism in brand marketing (which is either traditional, social, experimental or content driven).

OPR’s other specialist agencies include:

  • Pulse Communications– provide creative brand campaigns for business growth.
  • Howorth– provides both business-to-business and business-to-customer public relation services.
  • OPR Health– focuses on health care brands and disease awareness campaigns, as well as repayment campaigns for government funding.
  • Parker and Partners– public affair specialists with the provision of high-level counsel, access and expertise in all level workings of policy.
  • OPR Employee Experience– includes expertise in both developing employee engagement and strategies in communication change.

Benefits of working for Opr:

  • Big brand and company exposure
  • Working in a fun, creative and energetic environment
  • Internal training opportunities
  • A range of foods offered for brain function
  • Friday drink get-togethers after a long week

For anyone who is interested in applying for this opportunity, the Opr company asks for you to send in a short clip that is no longer than five minutes long to show off your skills and creativity; outlining why you want to apply for this internship, what area you would like to apply for and why you stand out.

The company also mentions that only successful applicants will be contacted after your application is sent through.

To apply, please follow the link to their LinkedIn website.