Sydney food delivery drivers to protest today

19 May 2021

Written by: Savannah Pocock

Eighty-five percent of drivers said their wages had decreased while working in the gig economy.

Today food delivery workers will protest in Sydney, to call on the Federal Government to act on their lack of rights, low pay rates and safety risks in Sydney.

This comes after the news of Uber cutting their employees’ pay, and a judgement being made yesterday by a Fair Work Commission confirming that a Deliveroo rider was unfairly sacked.

Transport Workers Union’s (TWU) National Secretary, Michael Kaine, said food delivery riders and drivers are angry that despite the deaths of fellow riders Uber continues to pay minimum wages.

“They are furious that 24 hours ago the Fair Work Commission ruled yet again that riders have rights, yet the Federal Government has not said a word in response. Gig workers are taking to the streets today to demand regulation,” he said.

He added that these gig economy companies are trashing our labour laws and the lives of workers while the Federal Government stands by and lets them.

“Uber paying riders as little as $5 per delivery is causing workers to struggle and to risk their lives to complete as many orders as possible to pay their bills. Deliveroo has boldly said it won’t accept the Fair Work commission’s ruling yesterday slamming its business model.”

According to TWU, surveys have found that thirty-six percent of delivery drivers had been involved in a car accident while working.

In the past, five delivery drivers have died, including Dede Fredy who was hit by a car in Sydney during his Uber Eats shift. In December 2020 Fredy’s family announced they would be filing for compensation for his death. In November, 2020, the New Daily reported that the government was being called on to regulate the industry following the deaths.

Cases like these have renewed scrutiny of the multi-million-dollar food delivery industry that strongly relies on low-paid overseas workers.

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