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Filtering through all the Junkee

She has a blue tick on Twitter so you know she’s legit. Steph Harmon talks to Joely Mitchell about the pressures of being editor of Junkee.

Uni’s over, time to get down to business

For many students finishing their degrees at the end of the semester, what happens after graduation is still a mystery. One such student decided he wanted to take a risk and start his own business, writes Christina Lovrecz.

The ‘precariat’

The precariat describes those who are forced to take low paying insecure jobs because they have to. But the real issue is the way in which politicians still report that employment has risen, without mentioning the poor working conditions endured by these people.

Two jobs at Fairfax Community Network

Fairfax Community Network has advertised two positions for journalists — one for a passionate sport journalist and another for a journalist with a passion for a bit of everything.

The little Aussie battler that could

The Australian dollar is still climbing. Whilst economists are talking about trade deficits and advantageous foreign investment, Ryan Jon discusses the impact our strengthening currency may have on student life.