The ABC expands free educational content

10 August 2020

Written by: Jackson Frantz

The ABC vows to support students and teachers through remote learning.

The ABC has increased its free education content in a bid to support students and teachers required to work remotely as a result of  COVID-19 school closures.

As of today, ABC ME will run educational programs from 9:30am through to 3pm AEST, expanding its total daily run time to five and a half hours each weekday.

Shows such as Numberblocks, Wallykazam!, Learn A Word, Art With Mati and Dada and I’m A Creepy Crawly, will run from 9:30am through to 10am, each supporting students through their formative years of schooling.

A curriculum-aligned block targeted at upper primary and secondary students is set for late morning until to noon, these programs include, BTN, ScienceXplosion, Ecomaths, This Place, Citizen Code and Back In Time For Dinner. 

The afternoon stretch (12pm-3pm) will be aimed at older demographics, presenting various maths, science, history and health-related content, via fun but informative series such as Are you Tougher than Your AncestorsScience Max, Barney’s Barrier Reef, Odd Squad and Horrible Histories.

Expanded education content will also feature short-form lessons developed by Victoria’s Department of Education and Training in alliance with the NSW Department of Education.

These lessons will be provided by schoolteachers and focus on the topics of english, maths, and science.

The ABC Education portal will now provide students, teachers, and parents access to over 4000 videos, interactive resources, and games aligned with the national curriculum, covering all major subjects such as english, maths, science, history and geography.

Photo: Time together on the couch by Alexander Dummer available HERE and used under a Creative Commons Attribution. The image has not been modified.