The Lockdown: Things to do this weekend

14 August 2020

Written by: Ellenie Case

Things to listen, watch, read and do from home this weekend.

Not sure what to do this weekend while venues and establishments remain closed to Victorians? We’re here to help. Check out our guided list of entertaining things to do this weekend all from the comfort of your own home.



Check out new music Friday releases:

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Miley Cyrus, Midnight Sky.

American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer, Miley Cyrus is finally back with new a single called, Midnight Sky. This is the first time this year Cyrus has released new music and she’s worked hard. The new single will debut with her self-directed music video today at 2pm on YouTube.



Biffy Clyro, A Celebration of Endings.

Scottish rock band, Biffy Clyro has released an entire new album for 2020. It’s their ninth studio album and it’s released today so if you’re in the mood for some rock hits, check it out here.

Dua Lipa, Levitating remix with Missy Elliot and Madonna.

After already releasing an entire album in March, pop star Dua Lipa is at it again with a remix to one of her tracks, Levitating. Only this time she’s sharing the song with American rapper and worldwide celebrity, Missy Elliot and the queen of pop herself, Madonna. The song is bound to make you feel good this weekend, check it out here. 

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Podcast of the week: The Daily.

Want to find out what’s going on in the world today? Well The Daily Podcast with political journalist, Michael Barbaro, has you covered. The news podcast by the American newspaper, The New York Times (NYT), talks about events based on the day with interviews from other journalists from the NYT. You can listen to it on Spotify here.



Need some movies or a new series to watch this weekend? We’ve got loads of options that might interest you!

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    The Muppets series, Disney+

In need of a laugh? Disney’s contemporary, documentary-style show, The Muppets series provides plenty of laughs! The show explores the much-beloved Muppets personal lives. With relationships and endless drama, it’s one adults won’t want to miss! Check out the trailer here.


Insecure, Binge

Insecure is a comedy-drama series based particularly on the creator, Issa Rae’s web series, Awkward Black Girl. It follows two black, female best friends who are trying to navigate careers and relationships in Los Angeles. It deals with the complexities of blackness and reality that you can’t escape being black. You can check it out now on Binge or watch the trailer here.

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  Melbourne International Film Festival, online.

We may still be in lockdown in Victoria but the Melbourne International Film Festival is still showing. This year things will look a little different with all their shows, talks and events streaming online instead of in person. The digital film festival will be running from 6-23 of August and tickets are available on their website for about $20.


Hannibal, Netflix.

Do you like dark, psychological horror and mystery shows? Then you’ll want to check this one out. This drama-packed series follows the early years of a relationship between an FBI criminal profiler, Will Graham and homicidal cannibal Dr Hannibal Lecter. Check it out on Netflix now.


Looking for something on TV to watch this weekend? Look no further.


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 Spiderwick Chronicles, Friday 14th of August, 9Go.

Looking for a Friday night family movie? The Spiderwick Chronicles is a family fantasy movie about a young, fatherless family who moves to the Spiderwick Estate – A magical place surrounded by magical creatures. The movie follows two, twin brothers in their discovery of a world of fairies and the problems within. It starts at 7:30pm on 9Go. Check out the trailer here. 


The Fifth Wave, Friday 14th of August, 9Go.

The Fifth Wave is a sci-fi, action film about an alien race called “The Others”, who take over Earth and are on the break of human extinction. It follows a teenager girl, Classie from Ohio, who during all of this, is trying to find her missing brother. It starts at 9:20pm on 9Go. Check out the trailer here.

Geelong Cats vs Port Adelaide, Friday 14th of August.

This one’s going to be a big one. The Cats (3rd) go head to head with Power (1st) tonight at Metricon Stadium. Will Port be able to beat the experienced Geelong team and secure their spot for finals? Find out tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Saturday 15th of August.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is another great family movie. The 2008 adventure, fantasy follows a scientist accompanied by his nephew and a mountain guide, who set out in search of the scientist’s missing brother. It’s on 9Go at 7pm this Saturday night. Check out the trailer here.

Fremantle vs Carlton, Saturday 15th of August.

The Fremantle Dockers and Carlton Blues battle it out at Optus Stadium this Saturday night. Can the Dockers make it three in a row with a win against the Blues? Find out at 8pm on channel 7.

Crazy, Stupid, Love, Saturday 15th of August.

Are you a romantic comedy type of person? Or do you simply love Steve Caroll or Ryan Gosling? This 2011 classic also starring Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, is about a middle-aged man (Caroll), recently divorced and heartbroken. However, things take a change for him when he meets his new, younger friend, Jacob (Gosling). Check it out at 8:30pm on 7Flix this Saturday. Check out the trailer here. 

The Sapphires, Saturday 15th of August.

The Sapphires is a musical comedy set in Australia in 1968. It’s about 4 young, talented sisters who love to sing. After being picked up by talent scout, Dave, they go to Vietnam to sing for the American soldiers. It’s a must-see and on 10Peach at 6:10pm this Saturday night. Check out the trailer here.

Rise of the Guardians | Video Store update: The Hobbit, Mass… | Flickr

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 Rise of the Guardians, Sunday 16th of August.

This is one for the whole family. This 2012 animation movie is about an evil spirit who is trying to take over the world and harm children. However, a group of guardians with special abilities join together to protect the children. It’s on 9Go at 5pm on Sunday night. Check out the trailer here.


Family Feud, Sunday 16th of August.

Need something lighthearted to get you ready for the week ahead? Family Feud is here to help! The show is about two families competing in a series of questions, which is hilarious to watch. You can check it out at 7:30pm on channel 10.

Hancock Poster | Movie promotional poster from www.firstshow… | Flickr

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Hancock, Sunday 16th of August.

Hancock is an action, comedy film about an unpopular superhero (Will Smith), who becomes unlikely friends with Ray, who wants to help Hancock’s public image. However, things take a crazy turn when he meets Ray’s wife. Find out why at 9pm on 9Go. Check out the trailer here.



Check out the full list of shows and movies on TV this weekend here.


The Happiest Man of Earth by Eddie Jaku.

Eddie Jaku is a World War 2 survivor, who vows to smile every day. In the book about his life, the holocaust survivor shares how he found gratitude, kindness and hope in the darkest of places. Check it out here.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley.

This bestseller and winner of multiple awards, mystery novel tells the gripping murder thriller about a marriage party where someone dies. Who done it? Find out in the book here.


Game of the week: Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout.

Craving a new game to play this weekend? This one is for kids and adults alike. The game is a royal game where contestants compete in a mad dash, round after round until one remains. You can play it on PS4 or PC and buy it from here.

Dance workouts, YouTube.

Feed up of trying to exercise with weights and numbers? Well, why not try dance workouts? A fun, stress-free way to burn some calories from your home. Emkifit and Madfit both do some great ones on their YouTube’s. Get dancing.

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Visit Melbourne Zoo from home.

Explore Melbourne Zoo like never before in their live Zoo captures, constant live cams and keeper talks. It’s a behind the scenes look at the Zoo that’s both educational and enjoyable for all. Check out the penguins and wildlife at Melbourne Zoo today here.



Cook with Sonny_loves_Charlie.

Want to cook something new or yummy this weekend? Well Aussie mother of 5 boys, Sonny_loves_Charlie is constantly sharing cooking ideas with her followers on Instagram. From snacks, meals and desserts her page is full with handy ideas for you to cook this weekend. Check her out here.



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