The Sounding Board is coming to La Trobe

4 October 2016

Written by: Erdem Koc

Two of Australia’s most prominent AFL journalists, Craig Hutchison and Damian Barrett, will record an episode of their popular weekly podcast in front of a live audience at La Trobe University this month.

The podcast is a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of AFL media and the hosts never shy away from talking about the mistakes they’ve made in their careers.

“The show is more than just two old friends telling war stories,” writes upstart‘s former sports editor and final-year journalism student, Ben Cuzzupe.

“It’s a self-deprecating view of industry tactics and practice through the prism of their own personal journey.

“Even if they’re just sports reporters and media businessman, they speak of navigating a profession that is designed to have inevitable confrontation and blood spilt.

“This is a half-hour weekly portrayal of the things that don’t get taught in J-School – what happens when bridges get burned; how the truth can get you into trouble and just how to handle industry egos with kid gloves.”

The podcast will be recorded at 10.00am in ELT 6 at La Trobe University on Wednesday, October 19.

The hosts will also answer questions from the live audience.

All La Trobe students and staff are welcome to attend.