The Trail Wrap: Day 24

29 August 2013

Written by: Liam Quinn

Coalition costings, KRudd selfies and the final leadership debate of the campaign. And, just when we thought the election was down in the gutter, some bipartisanship to end day 24.

Labor policy announcement

  • Kevin Rudd announced that a re-elected Labor government would spend $20 million connecting classrooms to the National Broadband Network.

Coalition policy announcement

  • Abbott has promised a Coalition government would contribute $16 million towards a $66 million upgrade of the Cadbury chocolate factory, which is in the Tasmanian seat of Denison, held currently by independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Must read

We head to The Guardian today, for its alternate live-blog of the final debate last night.

After live-blogging the opening debate ourselves, only to realise their wasn’t enough wine in Melbourne to make us line up for a second and third run at it, the need to spice up the coverage is understandable.

The Guardian‘s gif version does just that.

The “Abbott’s Green Army” entry deserves special praise.

Quote of the day

“Three positive reasons why I hope you will vote Labor.”

After an oh-so meta question from an audience member during last night’s debate – what would you like to ask your opponent? – Tony Abbott asked Kevin Rudd what reasons the PM has given the public to vote for Labor again.

Rudd rattled off three key reasons:

  • schools plans
  • hospitals plans
  • something called the NBN…

At the conclusion of his third pillar, Rudd dropped the above quote.

Good one, Kev.

Tweet of the day


See what you can accomplish when not slinging mud across television studios and radio booths guys?

After Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott attempted to stall the political ambition of the other during the debate, Abbott’s bus gave Rudd’s a jump-start.

It remains to be seen if Mr Abbott will bill Mr Rudd at some stage in the next few days, or attempt to work the occurrence into some sort of political slogan. Perhaps, “his bus was stalled, so is his Australia.”

Hopefully not.

Slip of the day

Not sure who the slip goes to specifically, but an interaction between 774 ABC broadcaster Jon Faine and mining magnate and prime minister-hopeful Clive Palmer resulted in the latter hanging up on the former live on air.

The result was a 90-second interview.

Have a listen:

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