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The Trail Wrap: Day 25

A school which describes homosexuality as a "perversion of the natural order" was the home for Tony Abbott on day 25, as Kevin Rudd took on the foreigners who taking our agricultural land.

Labor claimed to have found several holes in the Coalition’s costings amounting to $11 billion.

Kevin Rudd spent much of the morning condemning the violence in Syria, before heading over to Melbourne’s Williamstown port.

Tony Abbott was in marginal seat of Lindsay – his third visit there – at a Christian school that believes homosexuality is an “abomination”, a statement Mr Abbott disagrees with.

Labor policy announcement

Coalition policy announcement

  • Tony Abbott promised $3 million towards completing a netball centre of excellent and a further $3 million for the 2015 Netball World Cup.
  • He also announced his education policy with an emphasis on more autonomy for schools and a promise that he would not cut spending.

Quote of the day

While taking a photo with the netball players, who were worried they may have sweated on Tony Abbott, he replied to the girls:

“A bit of body contact never hurt anyone.”




Tweet of the day


Err, tell us what you really think Joe?

Going off Hockey’s borderline-boastful tweet, it appears the Shadow Treasurer thinks Tony Abbott and the rest of his Coalition cohorts have this election thing all sewn up.

But, being a Richmond Tigers supporter, he should know only too well the potential pain of getting ahead of yourself.

Come on Joe; let’s just keep a lid on it, take it one week at a time and such. Who knows, we could all still be in for a nail-biting fourth quarter.

Slip of the day

There’s a bit of contention around today’s slip, but if what Chris Bowen and Penny Wong are saying is true, the Coalition’s $10 billion mishap certainly takes the cake.

Bowen and Wong rattled off a series of areas in which they believe the Coalition is being creative with its accounting; while Tony Abbott was confident in his figures, suggesting Kevin Rudd is the one confused.

Deary me, when will it all end?

Wrap by Liam Quinn and Erdem Koç. Follow them and send them tips on Twitter – @Quinn_LP and@erdemkoc.

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