The working journalist class of 2010

This year’s working journalist class is truly multicultural, with students from all corners of the globe. Most are enrolled in La Trobe’s Master of Global Communications degree, while the remainder are Honours students.

As a group they’re involved in two main projects. The first of these involves identifying and writing about the 100 articles about journalism that every journalist should read.  By the end of May we’ll also see new profiles of working journalists written by members of this cohort. So let’s meet them:

Kelly Theobald

Kelly Theobald is completing her Honours year of a Bachelor of Journalism degree at La Trobe University. She recently undertook an internship at Rolling Stone magazine in Sydney and is currently co-editor of upstart. Last year, she was accepted as part of a delegation of Australian journalism students to Kuwait. She is a regular contributor for Beat magazine, Faster Louder, The Dwarf and her own blog, Music Meets Girl.

Oanh Thi Phuong Ha

Oanh Thi Phuong Ha is currently a Master of Global Communications student. Born and raised in Vinh City, Vietnam, she moved to Hanoi to study at the Foreign Trade University in 2004. As a third year student, she took an internship at Entertainment and Communication Company Limited. After completing a Bachelor of Business English in 2008, she spent 1 year working full time at Nghe An Cable Television in Vietnam. She arrived in Melbourne in December 2009 to take the Masters degree at La Trobe University.

 Sarah Green

Sarah Green is a Master of Global Communications student. Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, she moved to Perth in 2003 to study at the University of Western Australia. After graduating with a BA in English and History, she spent two years working in London. During this time, she travelled often and conquered her fear of trains by journeying across Asia on the Trans-Siberian.  Melbourne became her new home in January 2010; so far she likes the city’s theatre, bookshops and falafel. 

James Briggs

James Briggs is an Honours student at La Trobe University and has been a freelance journalist since 2002. He has contributed to a broad range of local and international media outlets in that time, including IMDb and Suite101.  In 2008 his online biography of Heath Ledger was referenced by ABC Online. Upon completion of his Honours year he plans to go on to complete a PhD.

Evan Harding

Evan Harding is a freelance television producer and journalist, who is currently enrolled in a Master of Global Communications at La Trobe University. His past work includes programmes such as ICC Cricket World and ATP Tennis Weekly and magazines such as Quest Kudos and Inside Racing.

Jane Hosking

Jane Hosking has an interest in international relations, having completed her undergraduate degree in this area in 2009. She is now undertaking a Masters of Global Communications at La Trobe University. Originally from a small country town, Jane has a passion for travelling, both in Australia and overseas. Through her travels she has developed a keen interest in Indian culture and politics. She is also passionate about social justice, art and education, hoping one day to combine these interests into a career in documentary making.

Thao Dung Luong

Thao Dzung Luong is a Master of Global Communications student who comes from Hanoi, Vietnam. In January 2010, she graduated a BA in Press at the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi. During her BA and after graduating, she spent a year working for O2TV – a cable television channel in Vietnam which specialises in health and lifestyle programs. Then, in September 2009, she went overseas to continue her study at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

Jean Kemshal-Bell

Jean Kemshal-Bell is a journalism Honours student at La Trobe University. She is interested in how print publications are adapting to the new media environment. Her thesis will explore print magazines and their online websites, looking at what directions they will be taking in the future. She is a contributor for Melbourne Street Fashion and Dazed Digital.

Amanda Walls

Amanda Walls is a Masters of Global Communications student. After graduating from RMIT with a B Comms (Journalism) Amanda travelled across Australia working with the V8 Supercars and various other racing categories including Formula 5000 and the V8 Jetsprints. After this she returned home to work as a local government reporter. Amanda’s passion is to work with Formula 1 or Formula 3 as a sports reporter.

Susan Njoka

Susan Njoka is an international student enrolled in the Master of Global Communications program. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and international relations. Previously, she has worked as a public relations practitioner as well as a journalist in Kenya. Her interests are reporting on war and peace activities in the Middle East.