Tiger Woods to play at the Masters

6 April 2022

Written by: Thomas Dev

Woods announced that he will return to golf at the Masters this week

Tiger Woods has announced he will play at the 2022 Masters Tournament this week, in an attempt to win his sixteenth major.

After suffering serious injuries to his leg in a car accident only 13 months earlier, doctors feared he may need to have his leg amputated. However, Woods will complete his remarkable comeback when he tees off at Augusta this week.

If the 46-year-old wins, he would become the oldest ever Masters champion. Woods said at his pre-tournament press conference, he believes he is more than capable of taking home another green jacket.

“Seventy-two holes is a long road, but it’s a challenge that I’m up for,” he said.

Despite this being the first time Woods will be competing in a major since 2020, long time rival Rory McIlroy, said he wouldn’t be shocked if Woods is still in contention on the final day of the tournament.

“He’s hitting it well. He’s chipping well. He’s sharp. It’s just the physical demand of getting around 72 holes here this week. That’s probably the question mark. But the golf game is there. So, would I be surprised? No, I’m not surprised at anything he does anymore,” he said.

Woods will have his first tee off at 12:34am AEST Friday morning.

Photo: Titrist Golf Ball Near Golf Hole by Tyler Hendy available HERE and used under a Creative Commons licence. The photo has not been modified.