upstart’s search for the #topjournobooks

18 November 2009

Written by: Tom Cowie

With 2010 and another decade fast approaching, upstart is going into ‘best ever’ mode. This summer, it’s time to rummage through the bookshelves, dust off the reading glasses and publish the essential list of books that every journalist should read.

We’ve already starting compiling a compendium of  reviews of books that we think make the cut and invite you to contribute both your suggestions and reviews.

By undertaking this treasure hunt, we hope to examine and uncover classic gems and contemporary works. We want to find the books that you think have changed the way we view the role of journalism. At the conclusion of our quest, upstart hopes to have compiled the essential list of #topjournobooks.

What are your books that every journalist should read?

Does newsprint classic The Press get a look in or is it all about new media and The Cult of the Amateur?

Do you prefer the investigative journalism of Bernstein and Woodward’s All The President’s Men or the front-line reporting of Herr’s Dispatches?

Did Guy Rundle’s campaign diary Down to the Crossroads uphold the drug-fuelled gonzo legacy of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72?

And is there a style guide, dictionary, or thesaurus that you simply can’t get through a sentence without consulting?

Send us your suggestions via the comments section below and upstart will endeavour to add them to our list of #topjournobooks. You can also pitch to review a book by dropping us a line at

Alternatively you can join the conversation and tweet your suggestions on Twitter at #topjournobooks.

Feel free to check out and comment on the reviews already posted for the #topjournobooks list.