Trend Spotter seeking a Fashion and Lifestyle Writer

1 September 2017

Written by: Brittany Basco

Trend Spotter seeking a Freelance Fashion and Lifestyle Writer to join their team

The Trend Spotter has an exciting opportunity awaiting lovers of fashion.

Looking to kickstart your career? This is a part-time gig as a freelance fashion and lifestyle writer.

To be successful, you must have experience in writing about womens & mens fashion. You should be reliable, and be able to create original content each week.

Applicants must be highly motivated, have excellent communication skills, and have journalism-related experience.

The editor-in-chief will be working closely with the applicant to provide training and guidance.

Benefits include being able to work from home, attend fashion events and openings, and interview leaders in the industry.

Applications close 29 September 2017. For more information click here.