La Trobe students talk highs and lows of week one

14 March 2018

Written by: Haj Songcuya

La Trobe University students share their best and worst experiences so far.

Two weeks into the semester, students share their thoughts on what it’s like to be at La Trobe University so far.

Kiara and Aleisha, both pursuing a Bachelor of Criminology and Psychological Science, shared that meeting new people is the highlight of their university experience.

Kris, who studies Animal Veterinary Biosciences, agrees.

“I didn’t really have any friends in my course but it was fun and friendly to meet new people in my course,” Kris said.

Allie and Chelsea, both taking up a Bachelor in Psychological Science, think that the experience of attending classes is the best thing about their studies so far.

“Getting back into the dynamic of going to school and sitting in lectures was really cool cause you hadn’t done anything like it before,” Allie said.

“I like the lectures as well and I also like that the tutors and lecturers are really welcoming so it makes you feel more comfortable getting into a new environment,” Chelsea said.

When it came to the difficulties of their first week, navigating the campus seemed to be the biggest issue for most. Some students also found juggling workload, class schedule and the new environment of university life to be a challenge.

“Just getting places and trying to figure out where you are and getting lost is probably the toughest thing,” Allie said.

Ellie, a third-year exchange student from Holland, feels that the transition has thrown her a curve ball.

“It’s a different law system here and I’m a third-year student so it’s difficult for me to understand what I have to do to keep up with the lessons,” Ellie said.

Written by Haj Songcuya and Annette Espinoza.