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Welcome to the Upstart Style Guide 

This guide has been created for students of the Bachelor of Media and Communication and upstart staff writers, but also for anyone else who is looking for information how write clear, concise and correct media copy.

Here you will find a style guide for consistent and correct use of language, a punctuation and writing guide, as well as editorial guidelines on responsible and ethical reporting and our code of conduct.


Please follow the titles to access the following contents:


Quick Style Guide and A-Z Style Guide

Not sure how to write dates, or whether to use digits or words when writing about numbers? Can’t remember whether it’s effect or affect? It’s or its? Use this A to Z guide to find out.

Sports style guide

Not sure whether to write vs. or v? Not sure when to capitalise when writing about the Olympics, or if Richmond football team is referred to as them or it? Head for the sports guide.

Social media guide

Social media is endlessly innovative and so too is the language around it. Here’s a guide we’ve made with some rules for keeping your social media discussion consistent.

Punctuation guide

Can’t remember where to put the apostrophe? Not sure of the difference between a colon and a semi-colon? Hyphens still got you confused? Start here.

Writing in upstart Style

Here you’ll find some important advice for strong media writing, including quoting and attribution, using active voice and verb-driven writing, and Australian English usage.


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