Want to intern at Overland?

11 January 2011

Written by: Renee Tibbs

Overland is a national literary journal, with a small staff producing a quarterly magazine and a daily website. It publishes non-fiction, fiction, poetry, reviews, commentary, opinion pieces and artwork. The magazine is ‘committed to engaging with important literary, cultural and political issues in contemporary Australia and has a tradition of publishing challenging and radical articles, with contributions from emerging writers as well as established authors.’ The magazine also hosts a number of events, including the regular Meanland lecture series in collaboration with Meanjin.

In 2011 Overland will be offering a small number of unpaid internship positions. They are presently seeking applications and the deadline for the first round of internships closes 17 January 2010.

Overland suggests that applicants should look at previous issues of the journal and the website. They’re looking for people who have developed editorial skills, who have an active interest in literature, culture and Left politics, and an interest in learning about the production of literary journals. It is also essential to possess good communication skills and the ability to work well with others.

Interns are expected to spend at least one day a week for six months (two issue cycles of the magazine) in the Overland office so they can be properly trained, with the opportunity to be involved in ongoing projects. Interns will be assisted and supported by Overland staff members throughout their internship.

Applicants should submit:

– A CV outlining their skills and areas of interests;
– A cover letter explaining why you are interested in working at Overland.

Interns will be given the chance to hone and develop their writing and editing skills in the context the regular routine of a literary journal.

Overland does expect you to have the necessary writing and editing background, but they will train you with their particular in-house style.

You’ll have the chance to build up contacts and develop relationships, as well as the ongoing relationship with Overland.

Some previous volunteers have gone on to permanent positions in the magazine or employment in the publishing industry.

Responsibilities include:

– Participating in editorial meetings and decisions about the content of the journal and website;
– Assisting with copyediting and proofreading of articles, stories and reviews, paying close attention to Overland style and consistency for spelling, grammar, factual accuracy and clarity;
– Undertaking a ‘first read’ of unsolicited submissions and assessing them;
– Assisting with promotion and publicity as needed, including helping write text for posters, drafting press releases and proofreading posters and publicity material;
– Contributing to the Overland blog and assisting with editing website content;
– Incidental administrative work, including mailouts and updating databases;
– Attending Overland events, such as launches, lecture series and other publicity occasions.

Key skills required:

– Sound copyediting and proofreading skills – completion of a Professional Writing and Editing Diploma would be ideal;
– Interest in or knowledge of Australian literature, progressive politics and current affairs;
– Professional writing skills;
– Ability to liaise with staff, other interns and contributors.

If you would like to apply, email your application to Overland associate editor Rjurik Davidson at Rjurik.Davidson@vu.edu.au.