Writer for Bright Side Team

21 April 2021

Written by: Sean Dillon

Bright Side Team are looking for a writer.

TheSoul Publishing is looking for a writer for its Bright Side team.

The job will be remote so you can work from anywhere and it will be around six hours a day, Monday to Friday. There are payments for each article as well as bonuses.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Have strong English skills
  • Be familiar with Bright Side style
  • Be an experienced writer, scriptwriter, editor, or proof-reader;
  • Be aware of Internet trends and current news;
  • Be ready to create entertaining content;
  • Be friendly towards their critics and strives to develop their writing skills;
  • Is ready to pass a two-step selection process (a test and a creative test task).

Apply: To apply for this role, submit your resume and cover letter here.