What is journalism? Is it endangered? And what does it really take to embark on a media career at a time of unprecedented change?

With so much murk muddying the modern media maelstrom, upstart has been created with five main aims.

The first is to involve industry in improving illumination of involuntary alliteration.

The second is to provide a platform for wannabe media mavens to develop their skills. Whatever uncertainties prevail, never before has there been a greater need for graduates to be able to point to published work when seeking employment.

upstart’s related ambition is to develop a resource for emerging journalists by showcasing a broad range of contemporary media practice, and offering advice, however impractical, about where to go when you really need help (OK, so we’re not the first bar guide on the web).

The fifth aim is to do all that we can to improve journalists’ numeracy skills.

We welcome contributions from students and emerging journalists wherever they may be. You can find our contributor guidelines here