Beer drinkers enjoy a change of taste

14 November 2011


Australia’s beer drinkers have apparently quietly undergone a change of taste.

The traditional Victorian Bitter, Carlton Draught and dare I say, XXXX Bitter, are being slowly replaced with a new batch of craft beers.

What started out as a backyard passion has evolved into a sustainable business, with a new generation of drinkers looking for beers with character and depth, as opposed to the familiar offerings from the mainstream breweries.

Whether it’s a cider made from local granny smith apples, or a rich stout with chocolate and coffee, or a crisp pale ale finished with honey and citrus, the craft beers have something for everyone.

I went along to a beer tasting at Melbourne’s Federation Square to taste the difference.

Michael Nolan is studying a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and is a former member of upstart’s editorial team.  You can read more on his blog and follow him on Twitter: @MichaelNolan8