BLM activist shot in London

25 May 2021

Written by: Sofia Jayne

Sasha Johnson is in a critical condition.

Black Lives Matter Activist Sasha Johnson is in a critical condition after being shot in the head in London.

Johnson was attending a garden gathering in Peckham when the shot was fired.

Detectives are still searching for the perpetrator, but police have released a statement insisting that the attack was not linked to her activism. They believe the 27-year-old and mother of three is most likely an unintended victim.

“While the investigation is at an early stage, there is nothing to suggest that the woman who was shot was the subject of a targeted attack or that she had received any credible threats against her prior to this incident,” the statement said.

Forensic experts have been searching the premises and surrounding area in Peckham for evidence, including the bullets and weapon used. Several evidence bags were collected.

Johnson’s political party, The Talking Initiative Party (TTIP), have posted on Instagram that she remains in intensive care after the attack, “following numerous death threats as a result of her activism”.

“Surely to end up in hospital having sustained a bullet shot to the head makes a death threat more credible,” the party said.

Johnson was initially taken to hospital as an unnamed victim before TTIP members identified her.

Imarn Ayton claims to be a friend of the victim and told the BBC she believes the attack was due to rival gangs and not activism. However, TTIP said Ayton is incorrect and is not actually a friend.

As Johnson’s friends and family gathered for a vigil at the park behind Kings Hospital, TTIP have expressed their gratitude for the support coming through. However, they have also received hateful emails which they shared on social media.

“Messages wishing she dies, calling her a racist, and wishing better luck to the shooter next time for not killing her,” TTIP wrote.

Johnson came to prominence for her persistence in the Black Lives Matter protests across Britain last year. The Oxford Brookes University graduate is one of the leading members of TTIP.


Photo: Black Lives Matter rally by Victoria Pickering available HERE and used under a Creative Commons Attribution. The image has not been modified.