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China lifts four-year ban on Australian beef producers

The sanctions were placed on the meat industry in 2020 and were estimated to be worth $1 billion annually.

China has reinstated exports from five major Australian beef producers following a ban which was placed in 2020, halting the export of beef to China. According to 9News, prior to the ban the industry was exporting $1 billion worth of beef annually.

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said the move was fantastic for cattle producers and the meat processing industry.

“The work that we’ve done to stabilise our relationship with China is paying real dividends for our farmers and our processors,” he said.

Two Australian exporters, John Dee and Australian Country Choice, remain on the suspended list.

The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) had worked with the government to advocate for China to lift all bans. AMIC CEO Patrick Hutchinson said it was a great outcome for the companies and clients.

“We will continue working with the Federal Government and China on not only having the remaining two exporters’ suspensions lifted, but also restarting the new opportunities for other Australian red meat businesses who have been waiting for access to the Chinese Market,” he said.

Beef was one of the commodities that China sanctioned in 2022, following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. China has progressively removed these suspensions over time but the ban on rock lobster exports still remains.


Photo: Australian beef porterhouse steak by Maksym Kozlenko is available HERE and is used under a Creative Commons Licence. This image has not been modified.

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