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LTU vox pop: Free WiFi in exchange for your personal information?

Students hesitate to give up their personal information.

Today the ABC reported that the Gold Coast City Council will be offering free high-speed Wi-Fi at the Commonwealth Games. To access this Wi-Fi, users must log in via into Facebook, which will allow the Council to access your personal data.

We asked the students at La Trobe University to see if they would be willing to give up their personal information in exchange for free Wi-Fi.

Students had mixed feelings on the topic, with some saying that they wanted to keep their personal information strictly private.

Lisa, Bachelor of Law.

“I probably wouldn’t bother. I guess there isn’t much difference between other Wi-Fi’s and this one.”

Isabella, Bachelor of Arts.

“I don’t think I would feel comfortable. It’s your personal data and it just Wi-Fi, it’s not that important.”

Alex, Bachelor of Health Science.

“Probably not, my privacy is my privacy.”

Batoul, Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

“I don’t have much personal information on Facebook. But if I used Facebook more, and I had more information, I wouldn’t.”

Elisha, Bachelor of Psychology.

“I’d just probably use my own, I don’t bother with free Wi-Fi.”

Tony, Bachelor of Health Science.

“Yeah, I probably would, just cause its easier.”

Will, Bachelor of Business.

“Definitely not. Because I don’t want someone I don’t know getting into my stuff. I’d be okay with it if they had my approval and they told me what they were doing with the information.”


Written by Paige Voss and Haj Songcuya. 

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