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Jacinta Price appointed new Indigenous Australians minister

Appointment made following cabinet reshuffle.

Senator Jacinta Price has taken on the role of Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians following a cabinet reshuffle.

The decision came after Opposition Leader Peter Dutton announced the reshuffle of his front-bench in Adelaide this morning.

Senator Price said she was very humbled to carry out this job on behalf of Indigenous Australians.

“I absolutely look forward to bringing about better lives for our most marginalised Australians in this country,” she said.

In Dutton’s announcement, he said Price has done an incredible amount of work to tackle tough issues, like sexual abuse, sexual violence and the crisis of law and order in some Indigenous communities.

“I know that she will do an outstanding job in leading the charge for better practical outcomes for Indigenous Australians not through the Prime Minister’s Canberra voice bureaucracy,” said Dutton.

Price has been advocating primarily for Aboriginal communities for nearly 20 years, when she was elected to Alice Springs Town Council in 2015. She said that Indigenous Australians are looking for less division in this country.

Australia’s first liberal indigenous MP, Kerrynne Liddle, will also be working alongside Price as shadow minister for child protection.

“I’m very grateful that my colleague Kerrynne Liddle has also now the opportunity to work to protect some of our most vulnerable australians as well,” said Price.

The Guardian reported that Senator Price also plans to continue her existing role as leader of the Fair Australia campaign, a group advocating for a No vote in the referendum.

Photo: Two Nations by Michael Coghlan available HERE is used under Creative Commons licence. This image has not been modified.

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