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Jay Rosen lecture

Hear one of the leading thinkers on the future of journalism, Jay Rosen, in conversation with Melbourne's emerging journalists.

Hear New York University’s Jay Rosen’s conversation with Melbourne emerging journalists.

True to form, Rosen addressed the current challenges in media, calling election coverage ‘horse-race journalism’. Perhaps, according to Rosen, it’s more important to focus on what our country needs rather than which nose crosses first.

Jay Rosen was in Australia for the Walkley Media Conference, an initiative of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

upstart thanks the MEAA for permission to record and publish Jay Rosen’s conversation.

See also a pair of recent articles on upstart that discuss Rosen’s lecture in the context of the Australian election: ‘Suspend the Race and Look at the Track’, by Saul Wakerman, and ‘Citizens’ agenda: what should our pollies be talking about?’ by Jean Kemshal-Bell.

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