Medical students to support hospital ranks

1 May 2020

Written by: Amaal Mohamud

Thousands of new roles have been created for final year medical students to combat COVID-19.

Australian medical students are set to be deployed to the front line of hospitals in order to support the healthcare system if the number of COVID-19 cases increases.

A new paid position has been created for 3600 medical students in their final year to support and assist doctors and nurses fighting against the pandemic. This role will also ensure students get the necessary work experience required to graduate.

The new positions will maintain essential non-COVID-19 related care and have students be part of multi-disciplinary healthcare teams while also reducing the pressure on experienced medical staff in the front line.

In a media release published today, President of Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) Professor Richard Murray said the allocation of tasks will be appropriate to students and there will be time dedicated to course work and learning.

“Should senior health workers be diverted to deal with COVID-19 requirements, final year medical students would be ready to assist doctors with preparing and supporting casework in areas such as maternity, general practice and other wards,” Murray said.

“We appreciate the recognition from government and the health services that with no students we have no future.”

While Medical students prepare for their fight against the second wave of the pandemic, in this morning’s press conference, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews gives insight on the government’s plan to conduct 100,000 COVID-19 tests before 11 May.

“If you have any symptoms whatsoever, even the mildest of symptoms, please come forward and get tested, it’s a quick process, such an important thing though the more tests we can get done in the lead up to the 11 May, the more options we’ll have to potentially ease some of the rules that I know are frustrating, but they are there for a good reason” he said.

Andrews also asked Victorians to stay alert while stage three restrictions continue to work in place, after an outbreak at a Melbourne aged care earlier this week.

“I know it’s easy to think that with such low case numbers maybe the worst has passed, maybe this is over. I just want to remind every Victorian this is very, very fragile.”

Photo: by available here and used under a Creative Commons Attribution. The image has not been modified.