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Meet the new upstart team

A new semester is under way and we're welcoming another new editorial team here at upstart.

They’re all La Trobe students, and they’ll all receive academic credit for their work on the site.

If you have a story you’d like us to consider for publication, or you have ideas about something you’d like to write about for upstart, please check our Notes for Contributors and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team via email:

And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Without further ado, here is the team that will be running the show this semester:


Joely MitchellJoely Mitchell, Editor

Joely Mitchell is a third-year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University and the editor of upstart this semester. She enjoys writing about health, lifestyle, politics, youth related issues and current affairs, and recently interned at Crikey. She is the founder and writer for Truth4Youth, a blog that is written by young people for young people. Joely hopes to work as a reporter for a broadcast, online or print publication once she has finished her degree. You can follow her on Twitter: @joelymitchell.


Tam KendiTam Kendi, Deputy Editor

Tam Kendi is a third year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University and the deputy editor of upstart magazine. Tam is passionate about travelling, politics, culture and motor journalism. He is not only interested in writing and editing, but in different forms of media such as radio and television. Tam is the producer and radio presenter for a Wednesday afternoon show on Melbourne’s JOY 94.9. He also does radio news reading for JOY 94.9 and SYN 90.7. He aspires to one day work in broadcast media or for a motoring magazine. You can follow him on Twitter: @tamkendi.


Ewa StaszewskaEwa Staszewska, Politics & Society Editor

Ewa Staszewska is in her final semester of journalism at La Trobe University. With a love for travel and all things foreign, a semester abroad last year in Spain further cemented ambitions of travelling and working abroad as a foreign correspondent. Ewa shares a wide variety of interests including  politics, current affairs, the environment, bad puns and good food. When she’s not too busy reading or fine-tuning her writing skills, you can find her eating way too many dumplings. Follow her on Twitter: @EwaStaszewska.


Tijan BinerTijan Biner, Culture & Lifestyle Editor

Tijan Biner is a third-year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University. She is an aspiring fashion journalist, foodie and avid magazine collector and often enjoys combining all three. She has written for Stylizen, completed a short internship with Girlfriend Magazine in Sydney and has worked with The Australia Times Fashion Magazine. When she’s not raving about the latest beauty secret, you’ll find her ranting about social issues, the environment and animal cruelty. She’s caught a serious travel bug after recently returning from her first European holiday and can now add travelling to her already long list of interests. You can follow her on Twitter: @tijanb.


Johanna BrasierJohanna Brasier, Sport Editor

Johanna Brasier is a third-year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University. Johanna has a broad range of interests including sport, culture and language. She would like to work overseas one day combining these passions. She has work experience at The Herald Sun and was a staff writer for upstart in the first half of 2015. Away from the hustle of university life, Johanna enjoys trying to keep fit, discovering new TV shows and watching Collingwood play. You can follow her on Twitter: @JohannaBrasier.


Ethan MillerEthan Miller, Media Editor

Ethan Miller is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Journalism degree at La Trobe University. Born in Queensland, Ethan moved to the northern suburbs of Melbourne at a young age. Ethan is passionate about many things, ranging from politics to film and television and explored many of these topics as a staff writer for upstart magazine. Enjoying his time with upstart, Ethan returned as the section editor for Media. Though not yet sure where he would like to go in future, Ethan knows he belongs in the media industry. You can follow him on Twitter: @ethanmiller1994.


Staff Writers


Caitlin McArthurCaitlin McArthur

Caitlin McArthur is a third year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University. She has an interest in politics, world news and all things travel. Caitlin has just returned from exchange at Michigan State University in the U.S. While overseas she worked as a reporter for the Capital News Service, covering state politics. As a correspondent for CNS, Caitlin covered various issues from Michigan’s ongoing struggle with heroin and opioid addiction, to police culture and it’s future in renewable energy. Hoping to one-day work as a foreign correspondent Caitlin has an interest in print, broadcast and multimedia journalism. You can follow her on Twitter at @CaitlinMcArthu1.


David AllegrettiDavid Allegretti

David Allegretti is a final year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University. He has climbed the world’s highest peaks and mastered all 47 of the world’s origami styles. He has returned to his homeland after his years of spiritual pilgrimage to deliver his cutting edge wisdom to the people of Melbourne. His people. His city. Relax, breathe, and let his words guide you into a realm of knowledge you have never even fathomed, let alone experienced. David is a regular contributor to VICE and Acclaim magazine, you can check out his VICE articles here. Like his page on Facebook or follow him on Twitter: @davidallegretti.


David KennedyDavid Kennedy

David Kennedy is a second year Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) student at La Trobe University. He currently works as a broadcaster/producer at SEN 1116, AFL Media and the Richmond Football Club. Having worked on and off in tropical Darwin over the past six years with both AFL Northern Territory and ABC Darwin, David is a football journeyman who enjoys commentating the action at both ends of the country. But regardless of location, he never strays far from his keyboard and enjoys nothing more than bashing out the tunes of his idols, Elton John and Billy Joel. You can follow him on Twitter: @DaveKennedy_.


Duane ReaDuane Rea

Duane Rea is an arts alumnus who is embarking upon a career-enriching graduate diploma in journalism innovation. He is infinitely fascinated by the world and its inhabitants and the myriad things they do and say to make sense of the Platonic cave in which we live. You can often find him ensconced in the artistic – or otherwise – endeavours of others, or anything that gives the whole existential circus a modicum of meaning. He hopes to one day write something profound. Oh, and he also enjoys video games. You can avail yourself of his innermost thoughts on twitter: @duane_rea.


Erica JollyErica Jolly

Erica Jolly is a third year Bachelor of Arts student at La Trobe University. She is in her final semester of a double-major in english and journalism, with a touch of mythology on the side. Erica has a keen interest in post-modern literature, fashion, art, technology and future trends. She grew up on a grain farm near Sea Lake, also known as the middle of nowhere. Her plans for the future change on a daily basis, however a psychic once told her she would work behind the scenes in print or television — and a psychic never lies. You can follow her on Twitter @Erica Jolly.


Jordan DrummondJordan Drummond

Jordan Drummond is in her last semester of a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in journalism) and in her third year of a Bachelor of Laws at La Trobe University. She is currently working as the PR and Marketing Coordinator for Australian Style Institute and has keen interest in fashion. Jordan was able to combine her love for travel and food while completing an internship at Lunch Magazine, experiencing one of the many benefits of journalism – junkets. When she is not complaining about boring law subjects you’ll find Jordan planning her next overseas adventure or spending her paycheck on Australian designers. You can follow her novice Twitter musings here: @jordanmdrummond.


Lauren BordinLauren Bordin

Lauren Bordin is a third year Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) student at La Trobe University. Unsurprisingly, she will focus on writing for the sport section of upstart, and takes a keen interest in cricket, netball and football at all levels, ranging from the AFL to suburban leagues. This year Lauren returned from spending a semester on exchange in Northern England and she often spends numerous hours online looking up flights to Europe. After university she would like to enter the field of broadcast journalism, hopefully with the opportunity of working abroad. You can follow her on twitter: @laurenbordin.


Lindsey MartinLindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin is a second year media and communications student, majoring in journalism. She is a self-described aesthete who is happiest in her treasure trove/study over-looking the garden in spring. Her favourite pastimes are binge researching countries and cultural icons, and exploring beautiful remote landscapes with her friends. Beyond university, Lindsey’s ambition is to build a vocation out of producing engaging and informative content for television, radio and web. Lindsey is president and co-founder of the La Trobe University Journalism, Media, Arts and Communications (JMAC) society. You can follow Lindsey on Twitter @lindseylexicon.


Lucille SadekLucille Sadek

Lucille Sadek is in third year studying Journalism and Strategic Communication at La Trobe university. She is currently a staff writer for upstart magazine and hopes to entertain readers about arts, cultural and societal issues. Prior to joining the upstart team she took part in the Melbourne WebFest managing digital communications. She currently writes for Happy music. In completion of her degree at the end of the year she wishes to continue studying publishing and communications and continue volunteering at various festivals and local literary publications. Lucille heavily relies on reading and coffee to keep inspired. You can follow her twitter  here.


Rudi EdsallRudi Edsall
Rudi Edsall is in the second year of a Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) degree at La Trobe University. A native of Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, Rudi developed a strong passion for sport growing up – particularly cricket, Aussie Rules footy and football. Print and radio are his preferred mediums; he is an avid sports podcaster and writes for Me? I Like Football and Bound For Glory News. Rudi is also very interested in media and politics. You can tap in to pure, unadulterated Rudi on Twitter: @RudiEdsall.


Sean Fanning

Sean Fanning is a Masters of Journalism Innovation student at La Trobe University. Some of Sean’s interests are world news and events, politics, cricket, art and continuing travelling around the world. Being a regional Victorian, there is a interest in regional matters that affect the lives of regional Victorians, and can often be found discussing matters. You can follow him on Twitter: @sfanning_bendigo.

Stephanie AtkinsStephanie Atkins

A country girl at heart, Stephanie Atkins moved to Melbourne to pursue a degree in journalism. She is in her final year of study and enjoys writing on anything from animals to Mixed Martial Arts. Stephanie is hoping for a strong career in the media – whether that is as a TV news reporter or in magazine headquarters. She has published work for Magnify Melbourne and The Australian Clay Target Association. You can follow her on Twitter: @_steph_atkins_.


Taylah BurrowsTaylah Burrows

Taylah Burrows is a final year journalism student at La Trobe University. Originally from the Goulburn Valley, Taylah made the move to Melbourne to attend university in 2013. Taylah enjoys writing entertainment, lifestyle and culture pieces with a special interest in multimedia journalism. A self-confessed social media addict, Taylah spends the majority of her time glued to a screen. As a passionate bookworm, Taylah likes to “disconnect” by sticking her nose in a good book. In the future Taylah sees herself producing multimedia news including videos and podcasts. You can follow Taylah on Twitter: @TaylahBurrows.


Tiyana MatliovskiTiyana Matliovski

Tiyana is a third year Bachelor of Journalism student and one of La Trobe University’s Digital Student Ambassadors. She is particularly interested in politics, culture and society and the broad concept of non-fiction visual storytelling, which stem from her studies in photojournalism. She is the co-editor of The Yarra Reporter, an online community magazine for residents of the City of Yarra and hopes to further develop the magazine utilizing the many skills she acquires while working for Upstart! You can follow her on twitter: @tiyana_m88.



Multimedia Producers


Jack HowardJack Howard

Jack’s on exchange at La Trobe. The Chicago-native is a senior at the University of Missouri. He produces radio for the school’s NPR-member station. Jack records sound effects and designs scoring for college theatre. He developed an app that funds public radio reporters so he gets paid. And you should support and listen to a few podcasts he loves: 99% Invisible, Here Be Monsters, Love + Radio, Millennial, Mystery Show, Pitch, and The Truth. Jack is about to go on a run. Follow him on Twitter: @JackHowa.


Xavier MartinXavier Martin

Xavier Martin is a third year journalism student at La Trobe University. He joins the upstart team this semester as a Multimedia Producer focussing on video, interview, podcast, radio, sound and imagery.



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