Melbourne airport rail link remains at a standstill

30 May 2018

Written by: Haj Songcuya

Victorian government make slow progression with plans for rail link.

Plans for Melbourne’s airport rail link is taking longer than expected as the Victorian government is yet to finalise a project proposal.

Federal transport officers revealed that little work has been accomplished after being questioned in the Senate last week for the snail’s pace progress on the project, according to The Age.

Despite promises from the Victorian and federal government, only $3 million has been spent on planning for the billion dollar rail project stretching from Southern Cross railway station to the Melbourne airport.

Greens senator Janet Rice believes an agreement on the route must be made as soon as possible.

“We should’ve had a train line to Melbourne Airport years ago,” she said.

Andrew Hyles, general manager at the federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, said that funds are ready to be handed down and the government is just waiting for Victoria’s go signal.

“We’re still waiting on Victoria to provide their project proposal report,” he said.

The business case for the airport rail link is planned to be completed in September.

The airport rail link was first proposed in 1963 in response to the growing traffic congestion at the time.

Independent digital news publication Crikey suggests that improvements in SkyBus services would serve as an effective temporary bandage while the rail line has yet to be underway.