Mercury climbs in Melbourne as autumn temperatures soar

12 April 2018

Written by: Aaron Tribuzio

Dust storms and flight delays a consequence of the wild weather.

Just as Melburnians thought they’d seen off the summer months and air conditioning bills that come with the warmer weather, the CBD and surrounding suburbs have been hit with an unseasonable hot streak lasting over five days.

Temperatures have risen well above 25 degrees this week, setting another record for the highest average temperature in the month of April.

The wild weather will no doubt be talked about over many a water cooler this morning around workplaces in Melbourne, with sleep presumed to be scarce amongst residents of the CBD, Laverton and Avalon experiencing temperatures of 28 degrees at 5:30 this morning.

Senior weather forecaster Rod Dickson told The Age on Wednesday afternoon that the autumn temperatures were “extremely, extremely unusual”.

“It’s a very unusual thing to occur in April,” he said.

Melbourne Airport reported 30-minute flight delays on Thursday morning due to high winds reaching over 120 kilometres per hour.

State emergency services were called to the scene of dust storms caused by the winds in Ararat and Ballarat overnight.

The weather anomaly is set to ease over the weekend.

Rain is forecast for part of Friday, with temperatures lowering to 19 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.