NUS responds to racist flyers

28 July 2017

Written by: Aseel Sammak

The National Union of Students responds to racist flyers bearing the NUS logo.

The General Secretary for the National Union of Students, Nathan Croft, has responded following the appearance of racist flyers bearing the NUS logo in two Melbourne universities.

Croft said that the NUS does not tolerate any form of discrimination.

“I think this is childish, racist, and I think whatever organisation spreads this kind of message has no place in Australia,” he tells upstart.

“NUS is completely against these posters. The content itself is everything NUS stands against. We pride ourselves as an organisation that stands for inclusivity and cultural appreciation for everyone in Australia,” he said.

The flyers stated in simplified Chinese characters that Chinese people were not allowed into the building, otherwise they would be deported. Posters in both universities clearly showed NUS’ logo at the bottom of the page.

The NUS and both universities took immediate action to rectify the situation.

Monash University issued a statement condemning the situation.

“We actioned immediately, removing all the posters and contacting student leaders. Since then, we have contacted the local police and Monash City Council,” they said.

“Monash is committed to providing a welcoming, safe environment that is free from discrimination and where every student and staff member is treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.”

Campus security immediately removed all posters and CCTV was handed to Victorian Police.

According to Yahoo7, police spokeswoman Danielle Fleeton confirmed in a statement that the posters were being investigated.

“Every Victorian has the right to feel safe and secure in the community and Victoria Police will not tolerate any attempts to incite hatred or violence.”


The issue has attracted international attention, being featured in both the New York Times and the Shanghaiist.

This follows a similar incident in February, when a neo-Nazi group plastered Melbourne CBD in racist posters.