Police aim to reduce motorcycle road trauma during MotoGP.

24 October 2019

Written by: Caitlin Pilatti

Victorian police will be in force this weekend as visitors from across the state travel for the races.

Operation Motosafe is underway in the Eastern region with Victoria police focusing on the safety of motorcyclists.

Police are expecting people to be drawn to the area with the Pramac Generac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 starting on Friday.

The Grand Prix is a major focus of the safety operation and Eastern Region Inspector Paul Bruders said people can expect to see a heightened police presence on the road to maintain the safety of visitors traveling to Phillip Island.

“The MotoGP is a big ticket event that many motorcycle enthusiasts have in their calendar and attend each year,” Inspector Bruders said.

“With this in mind we expect to see additional bikes on the road, as many people to ride to get to the event.”

Police will be patrolling the roads surrounding the race track and those leading to Phillip Island between 25 and 27 October.

“This year motorcyclists are overrepresented in road trauma and we need them to do everything they can to make themselves as safe as possible, including knowing their limitations, riding within their capabilities, wearing protective clothing and riding to the conditions,” Inspector Bruders said.

“It’s also important for other motorists to be aware of motorcyclists and their vulnerability. We will be targeting all aspects of road policing and all types of road users where risk-taking behaviour is evident.”

In a bid to reduce injuries and fatal collisions of motorcyclists, Operation Motosafe will run until 31 October.

The operation has been implemented to ensure a maximum visible policing presence to reduce road trauma on Victoria’s roads.