Richard Baker speaks at La Trobe

13 August 2014

Written by: Tom Parker

His profession has steered him into dangerous waters, and his deviousness has left him court, but Richard Baker says treading a fine line is what he loves most about his occupation.

Speaking to a lecture of La Trobe University students, The Age journalist highlighted the importance of “getting yourself out there” as an element of finding your feet in the world of journalism.

He explained the importance of determination when pursuing information and the significance of staying true to your sources.

Baker explained many case studies in which he played a role, briefly touching on his involvement in the Essendon drug supplements saga of 2013 as well as an investigation related to the Alfred Hospital.

A video of the lecture can be found below:

Tom ParkerTom Parker is a third-year Bachelor of Sport Journalism student at La Trobe University and staff writer for upstart. You can follow him on Twitter: @parker0_1.