Scott Morrison: His first year in headlines

18 May 2020

Written by: Bailey Zimmerman

Since an unexpected in in the 2019 election, no one would have anticipated the events of Scott Morrison's first year in charge.

Today marks a year since Scott Morrison was elected into the Prime Minister role of Australia. The events that followed no one could have predicted, but here are some of the headlines that ruled ‘ScoMo’s’ first year as a prime minister.

May 2019

Election triumph

“I’ve always believed in miracles.”: Morrison surprises the nation and becomes Prime Minister role after a 2019 election that was wildly tipped to be a Labor victory.

June 2019

Meeting the Queen: Morrison makes his first trip to Buckingham Place as Prime Minister and gifts Queen Elizabeth a signed biography of champion racehorse Winx.

G20 Summit: Morrison convinces global leaders to take action on social media terrorism off the back of the Christchurch massacre at the G20 global summit in Japan.

July 2019

Tax cuts: Morrison’s government passes legislation on Australia’s biggest tax shake-up in a decade in a  $158 billion tax cuts package that supported millions of low and middle-income Australians.

Manus Island: Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape wants to end asylum seeker processing and get people off Manus Island, but the Prime Minister continues to reject an offer from New Zealand to help with the process.

August 2019

“Shove a sock down the throat”: Mr Morrison responds to claims of radio presenter Alan Jones to “shove a sock down the throat” of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, describing them as “way out of line” after talks at the Pacific Islands forum on taking action on climate change.

Pacific rift: Morrison is accused of “insulting” and alienating Pacific leaders by Fifi Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama while at the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu.

September 2019

Meeting the President: The Prime Minister receives a red-carpet reception as he lands in Washington DC and meets President Donald Trump, praising his political priorities.

October 2019

Rugby League in Fiji: Mr Morrison touches down in Fiji to support the Prime Minister XIII game against Fiji in hopes of easing tensions with the country’s leader over the sport.

November 2019

Fire claims: The Prime Minister denies claims that the country is unprepared to take on bushfires and is adamant carbon emissions are not the cause of the fires.

December 2019

#Where’sScotty: The Prime Minister takes a poorly-timed holiday to Hawaii as Australia begins a fight with some of  the most devastating fires the country has seen.

January 2020

“Misleading” the nation: Former Prime Minister Malcom Turnball says poor leadership from Mr Morrison and his denials of climate change led to the devastating bushfires.

Australians stranded: Mr Morrison attempts to evacuate up to 600 Australians in the epicentre of a virus outbreak in Wuhan.

February 2020

Travel bans: Mr Morrison anticipates that COVID-19 will be labelled a global pandemic as he closes travel to and from China.

“Testing” a friendship: New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden lashed at Mr Morrison for “testing” the friendship between the two countries, accusing Australia of using “unfair” policies of deporting New Zealand citizens from Australia.

March 2020

National closure: Mr Morrison puts Australia in lockdown as the coronavirus spreads rapidly across the country and the world.

April 2020

Political redemption: Mr Morrison is widely praised is for his response in limiting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic after “making a mess” of the bushfire season.

May 2020

Call for international investigation: Amid trade tensions with China, Mr Morrison calls for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus in China despite blowback by the Chinese government.



Photo: USAxAUS by The White House available HERE and used under a Creative Commons Attribution. The image has not been modified.