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The Jaimo and Ferg show: Chess edition

In the fourth and final episode of trying new sports, Jaimo and Ferg teamed up for a game of giant chess at the Islamic Museum of Australia.

Ever wondered why we say checkmate? On the latest episode of trying new sports, Jaimo and Ferg learnt about the history and the strategy of the game of chess. Ferg’s back to the show after his ankle injury. The boys first learned the origins and the rules of the game from curator, conservator and collections manager at the Islamic Museum of Australia, Dr Mahmoud Mohammed.

The game of chess is a game of skill and strategy, and is not as easy as it looks, with each piece having specific legal moves. Once the boys were accustomed to the rules of the game, and strategy was discussed, it was game on!


Producer, Camera, Editor: Awab Elbashir, Ava Stone

Reporters: Jaimon Macmullan, Ferguson Hickey

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