Victoria Police partner with Crime Stoppers to better safety on public transport

15 August 2019

Written by: Caitlin Pilatti

Access for all to view CCTV images and reports relating to incidents on Crime Stoppers website.

Victoria Police and Crime Stoppers have announced a partnership to improve safety on public transport across the state.

Crime Stoppers have created a new section on their website where members of the public can now view and report information relating to incidents that occur on all buses, trains and trams.

Earlier this year the Productivity Commission reported that nearly a third of Victorians felt unsafe using the state’s transport systems at night and that reports of sexual crimes were on the rise.

This partnership will display a united stance against crime, following multiple incidents on public transport.

Senior media coordinator at Crime Stoppers Srithar Visuasam advises that all incidents across Victoria related to public transport is published on the website.

“What you see is really clear CCTV images and, more importantly, it provides the public with an opportunity that if they know any information to contact Crime Stoppers and really play a role in solving a crime,” he said.

Anyone who witnesses or is a victim of crime is urged to visit the Crime Stoppers website to help police identify and charge perpetrators.