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Welcome to ‘The Ag’ – Episode 4

This episode we report on the 'Free Palestine' LTU student encampment, the budget's HECs debt update, and ways of staying fit in your 50s.

In our fourth and final episode of The Ag, presented by our hosts Ava Stone and Ruby Bartzis, our field reporters cover the top stories in the La Trobe University community and beyond. 

This week, Awab Elbashir breaks down the ‘Free Palestine’ student protest encampments that happened in the Agora and the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Our presenters did a live cross with Awab in the studio. Ruby Bartzis dissects what the new budget means to students when $3 billion dollars of HECs debt will be slashed nationwide.  We also spoke to associate economics LTU professor Dr Buly Cardak in the studio on the matter.  

Macleod YMCA hosts a ‘walking football’ clinic for over 50-year-olds who want to maintain a level of fitness at a less strenuous level. Reporter Ava Stone spoke to physiotherapy professor Christian Barton about the benefits of keeping active with moderate exercise as you age.  Jaimo and Ferg show try out chess at the Islamic Museum of Australia with manager Dr Mahmoud Mohammed. We found out the connections that chess has to Islam and who will reign as the ultimate king for The Ag’s segment of trying new sports

Ari Stamatakos looked into Upstart’s ‘The Ag’ as our team reflected on how our journalists navigated the experience of making the show.

This week’s latest news was presented by Ari Stamatakos. Jaimon Macmullan and Ferguson Hickey were jointly reporting for sports.

This episode was filmed on Thursday 30th May 2024.


Producer: Awab Elbashir

Presenters: Ari Stamatakos, Ava Stone, Ferguson Hickey, Jaimon Macmullan, Ruby Bartzis

Field reporters: Ava Stone, Awab Elbashir, Ferguson Hickey, Jaimon Macmullan, Ruby Bartzis

Technical operators: Errol Hayden, Kim Vy Ngo

Content and communications officer: Kim Vy Ngo

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