AFL infographic: new rules an immediate success

29 March 2016

Written by: Rudi Edsall

After an exciting first round of AFL football, Dylan Waghorne lays out the impact of off-season rule changes in the first of a new series of infographics.

Brisbane Lions midfielder Pearce Hanley told Fox Footy during preseason that he believed a raft of off-season rule changes would “definitely make the game a lot more exciting with more scoring”.

The changes included a stricter interpretation of the deliberate out of bounds rule and a reduction of the interchange cap from 120 to 90.

Did the stats prove Hanley right?


How much impact did the new rules have on the first week of the 2016 season?


Dylan Waghorne is a second year Bachelor of Media and Communications (Sports Journalism) student. You can follow him on twitter: @dylanwaghorne