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AFP seized over 9000 canola oil bottles with liquid meth

$80 million of liquid meth seized by AFP.

Investigations have started after the Australian Federal Police (AFP) seized a shipment of canola oil bottles filled with liquid methamphetamine estimated to be worth $80.7 million.

Two shipping containers filled with 9,360 bottles were deemed suspicious by Australian Border Force (ABF) officials after arriving from Mexico in late March. It was later confirmed by forensics that 265 bottles were filled with liquid meth disguised among the shipment of cooking oil.

AFP Detective Acting Superintended Rebecca Goddard said the operation reflects how international crime syndicates continue to develop new ways of masking their movement of illegal drugs into Australia. It also shows that Australian authorities are quick to prevent these illegal substances from reaching the community.

“This multi-million dollar seizure is another strong warning to organised crime syndicates, both here and abroad, that the AFP and its Commonwealth and state law enforcement partners remain committed to identifying, targeting and prosecting you,” she said.

She added that the detectives are searching to trace the crime syndicates involved in the operation. The ABF have also stepped in to help with the investigations.

This was not the first time the AFP has seized a large amount of illegal substances in Victoria. In November last year, two pallets of air cargo filled mustard bottles were also intercepted.

Alongside with Victorian Police, AFP investigators found 560 kg of liquid methamphetamine with an estimated worth of $123 million. It is the largest recorded amount of illegal substances imported in Victorian history.

Following investigations after the operation, four individuals were arrested in Melbourne’s west suspected to be involved with the crime syndicate operations related to the shipment.


Photo: police in riot gear by Todd Lucier HERE and used under a Creative Commons Attribution. Image has not been modified.

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